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Srisasanti Syndicate is a gallery group consisting of Srisasanti Gallery, Kohesi Initiatives, and STEM Projects.


The management of this group focuses its activities on the presentation and development of artists from various generations and backgrounds, as well as providing a platform for emerging artists through in-house and global programs, such as exhibitions, residencies, collaborations with arts organizations or institutions, and various interdisciplinary projects.

Through its management and representation program, Srisasanti Syndicate works with its artists from a long-term perspective to help develop their work both in context and intrinsic aspects, as well as provide opportunities to enrich their knowledge and portfolio.

With deep concern for Indonesian art archives, in 2020 Srisasanti Syndicate collaborated with Heri Dono's Studio Kalahan and the artist collective Ruang Mes 56 to produce a series of archives about Heri Dono. This collaboration resulted in a 45-minute film entitled “The Enigma of HeDonism” which seeks to reveal the values, thoughts, and attitudes in Heri Dono's life and career as an artist, a series of short videos, and a 124-page book exploring various knowledge, ideas, and myths from Heri Dono entitled “Phantasmagoria of Science and Myth.

To date, Srisasanti Syndicate has published dozens of art books and catalogs, which directly contribute to the effort of archiving the history and discourse of the Indonesian art scene. The group also regularly invites curators, art historians, and writers to collaborate on its exhibitions. With a commitment to education for the public, each exhibition is accompanied by artist talks, gallery tours, creative workshops, and events for various audiences.

Based in Yogyakarta, a city that is one of the centers of education, art, and culture in Indonesia, in 2019 Srisasanti Syndicate built Tirtodipuran Link, a building that has become the main space for its exhibitions and activities.

Srisasanti Gallery is an art gallery founded in 1994 by E. St. Eddy Prakoso with the main goal of initiating global appreciation for Indonesian artists.

This gallery dedicates its efforts to supporting the career development of artists by consistently initiating various exciting and distinguished exhibitions and non-exhibitions programs. Apart from presenting a dynamic range of programs each year, Srisasanti Gallery also actively participates and presents its artists at international art fairs.

A part of Srisasanti Syndicate group, through its management and representation programs, the group represents and assists its artist from a long-term perspective to help enrich their portfolio and further their artistic development.

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