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Eddie Hara



Eddie Hara is one of the few among the Indonesian contemporary artists, who has succeeded in finding a new visualisation vocabulary.  His colourful, layered works are a clash between children’s innocence and raw street life, charaterised by the urban murals quality. A mixture of fresh wildness of children’s mischievous fantasies and the more generic raw art in his works, eventually emerging to a new painting genre.  

Typical of his works are the recurrent figures of jellyfishes, squids, rabbits, the hat-wearing shoes/boots, and human skulls that are scattered flying and tumbling all over his canvas. Their contour lines and colours connect and cross the confined borders. The painting seems thus to be just a tiny fraction, a mere frame in this endless continuity. Eddie Hara’s works keep dealing with various themes and sub-culture mindset: from environment deterioration through the absurdity of contemporary people’s life.


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