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e.g., i.e., etc

11 November 2023 - 28 January 2024



The exhibition title takes from three abbreviations of Latin origin used in English, namely e.g., i.e., and etc. The first two abbreviations are used as the perspective to observe the artists and their artworks in this exhibition, specifically how they use their artwork to share experiences–contexts or “say/state” something to the audience. The last abbreviation presents a closing reflection for the audience on this exhibition. 

 “e.g.” or exempli gratia translates into “for example.” The abbreviation introduces one or more examples that illustrate something previously stated to help make it more understandable. In this exhibition, “e.g.” provides a unique point of view of the artists and their works, particularly in how they use their works to show or demonstrate something. The artwork can act as a conduit where the artists express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas to the audience. 

"i.e." or id est translates into "that is". This abbreviation is used to explain or clarify a preceding statement. A deeper layer of meaning lies beneath the surface of an artwork, an essence that transcends visual language and can only be communicated through an understanding of the work itself. Each brushstroke and form is an artistic testament that encapsulates the diverse narratives embedded within. Through their artwork, artists can speak volumes without uttering a single word.

“etc” or et cetera translates into “so forth.” “etc” in this exhibition acts as a conclusion; a space and a moment for us (the audience) to reflect on what we have just seen or experienced.  We have the freedom to think of or form a response/feeling based on our contemplation as the audience. Our time viewing the artwork(s) in the exhibition space is limited. But the experience can linger on as a memory that may reverberate into other stimulating thoughts in the future.


Exhibition Views
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