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Feeling Fluorescent

11 April - 14 May 2023


Feeling Fluorescent

“For me personally, feeling fluorescent is the opposite of feeling blue.”

In this exhibition, Addy Debil plays with the idiom “feeling blue” which is often used to depict sadness, and alters it into “feeling fluorescent”, a reflection of the enthusiasm of people who are just getting out of the pandemic, like the light of fluorescent colors coming out of a dark background.

Addy often uses the color blue in the majority of his works. His fascination with the color blue derived from the fact that it is often considered a mysterious and rare color in nature. Scientists could generally identify red, brown, orange, and yellow pigments in birds and animals, but this was not the case with blue color. Physics and biology confirm that blue as we see in nature is not pigment at all, which makes finding natural blue pigment practically impossible. The duality of positive and negative meanings associated with the color blue also appeals to Addy. On one hand, blue can represent calmness and serenity, evoking feelings of stability. On the other hand, blue is also often associated with sadness, depression, and coldness (hence the idiom of feeling blue).

This time, Addy chooses to replace blue with different colors, his way of seeking new meanings, getting out of our comfort zone, challenging our preconceptions, and inviting us to experience other colors in a refreshing and exciting way. Using fluorescent paint that creates a vivid and mesmerizing glowing effect under UV light, Addy draws his familiar characters on a dark background and brings his world in a different and dynamic manner. The walls of the space have also been filled with murals painted with fluorescent paint. The medium itself is Addy’s latest exploration, experimenting with how something can be seen through different perspectives and specific conditions.

As the audience moves through the exhibition space, they will encounter Addy’s artworks that use bold, vibrant colors. The use of fluorescent paint offers a unique presentation, transforming the doodles into glowing, otherworldly creations. The audience will be presented with colors that evoke various emotions and sensations, influencing their perceptions of the world around them. Through this exhibition, Addy invites us to join him on a journey of discovery and exploration, breaking away from our comfort zones and embracing different possibilities through colors.

After periods of isolation and uncertainty, Addy desires to bring people together to experience how art can inspire hope. Surrounded by a stunning array of colors and shapes that seem to dance and move, with each passing moment, you'll discover something new and captivating that will leave you in awe. Hopefully, this exhibition can transport you to a world of wonder and imagination to leave all your worries behind for a moment.


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