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Monstrous Mastery

2 March - 5 May 2024


Monstrous Mastery

Written by Donna Carollina

Darbotz, known for his iconic monsters, has carved a niche for himself in the graffiti scene. Over the past two decades, this Jakarta-based graffiti artist has pushed the boundaries, both conventional and controversial. "Monstrous Mastery" marks a significant milestone in his artistic journey—it's his debut solo exhibition in Yogyakarta and his sixth solo showcase overall. In this exhibition, Darbotz delves into an exploration of monster characters, crafted from visual narratives depicting human courage and the struggle to survive in the harsh urban environment of the capital. These monsters also serve to depict the complexity of human personalities and their capacity to adapt to diverse situations.

In his artworks, Darbotz creatively communicates using contrasting colors and bold geometric shapes, portraying the tension between urban development and human alienation. The exhibition showcases the dynamics of city life through a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and mediums. Darbotz's distinctive style seamlessly merges technical skill with boundless imagination, unveiling the complexities and ambiguities of human survival.

This narrative sets the stage for Darbotz's showcased works in the “Monstrous Mastery” exhibition held in Yogyakarta, a city renowned for its artistic and graffiti legacy, contrasting with the bustling capital. Yogyakarta, for Darbotz, embodies a spirit of openness and embraces the values of camaraderie and hospitality. In line with this ethos, Darbotz collaborates with fellow Yogyakarta graffiti artists, fostering an ecosystem that reflects his surroundings and evolves through introspection and the exploration of art's conventional boundaries.


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