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11 April - 14 May 2023



Written by Sri Margana

The Pythagorean morality has shaped Agus TBR to become an artist who is very sensitive to the ironies and paradoxes of life. His concerns transformed into surrealistic visual reflections. Pieces of diachronic recollections inspire contemplation about rapid changes, the folded world, tragedies, struggles and various mental and social syndromes in humanity. The visualization of his ideas has driven us through the passage of time in the history of human civilization, from the emergence of awareness about animal welfare, aufklarung, the industrial revolution, capitalism, colonialism, and postmodernism shocks to world disruptions full of uncertainties. At the same time, the puzzles, and idiosyncratic symbols that he depicted touch on some eastern ideas and values, especially Javanese, from prophecy, fertility, pranata mangsa (climate cycle) to sangkan paraning dumadi (the origin and ultimate goal of life).


Exhibition Views
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