Celebration of Compassion

26 July - 26 August 2019



Written by Suwarno Wisetrotomo

“If  one’s feelings of humanity are offended, everyone with feeling will  also be offended, except for people who are mad and those with truly  criminal mentalities, even though they may be university graduates.”

– Pramoedya Ananta Toer

This  piece of phrase from the novel Child of All Nations by Pram revives our  conscience. Entering the era of post-truth marked by the widespread of  disrupted information, maintaining sanity and humanity is a substantial  thing to hold on to. Humanitarian issues are an everyday problem. Such  events involve our selves, our families, and communities throughout the  world.

Humanitarian  issues are a common issue, closely related to human rights. The issue  of war and refugees, environmental or ecological problems, inter-human  conflict, inter-community conflict, economic and social injustice,  discrimination on minority groups and marginal people are part of our  reality.

In  the Indonesian context, the differences in choices which seemed fine on  the beginning started to heat up and become increasingly tense prior to  the celebration of democracy a few moments ago. We begin to segregate  in groups. Friends are throwing issues in the communication group  channel. One and another spread news, photos and videos which they  believed to be the most genuine. To verify the truth, we often confirm  with "no picture = hoax". Yet lately what happened is probably “the  picture might be a hoax”. Our beliefs could be shaken, or we could even  become a fanatic.

The  disputes of the dissent defect the friendship, the brotherhood, and the  sympathy. We no longer care about the place, the time, or the person we  are facing. What are we really fighting for if we have to hurt others’  feelings?