2020, Contemporary Art

06 November 2020 - 03 January 2021


Zhang Kexin: Pilgrim of Life

Written by Suwarno Wisetrotomo

For a pilgrim, the past, present, and the image of the future meet,  dissolve with the possibilities it encounters. A pilgrim does not have  time to feel disappointed when something encountered looks bad, because  it is also part of the enriching experience. That is how pilgrims often  become anxious to continue their pilgrimage, from one place to the next  with a passion.

Zhang Kexin's works are based on the main idea of "the relationship between  man and nature, the balance between the body and the spiritual world".  His works are completely under the control of mind, soul and body which  is very organized. Visuals with high ornamentation, bright colors,  enveloping and filling complex forms; between realistic and deformative.  He is worried about the issue of global warming, plunder of nature,  forest fires, floods, and also the COVID-19 outbreak, that invade human  life today. That is the driving force and energy behind his current works.

This  solo exhibition at Tirtodipuran Link, he presents the latest works  created during his stay in Muntilan. He perpetuates global experiences  and problems. For example, the Dream Prince Cruise painting (new worlds  and experiences: celebration, arrogance, cunning, combined with  humility, honesty and spirituality); Butterfly Garden (tragedy and  irony, garden looks beautiful but hides fragility); Aquarium (looks  beautiful, but it is just a "decoration" replicating reality for  entertainment); Goodbye Komodo Dragon (in the name of tourism, often  sacrificing organic life).