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Written by Nin Djani

Humans are, by nature, sentient creatures. It is no surprise that many artists  are drawn towards explorations of past experiences. Despite the intrinsic pain in the practice of recalling memories and meanings from the past, artists continue to find the answer to how a certain smell, sound, and mundane objects can suddenly conjure a past life to resurface in the present.

If  an artwork is by proxy an extension of its creator, Roby Dwi Antono’s  uniquely complex symbolisms are a reflector that communicates his inner  thoughts and deep longings. The combination of naïveté and serious  personal reflections is characteristic of Roby’s paintings and drawings.  It is by exploring his personal experiences with themes around life and  death, that he can approach his artistic works with honesty and  self-awareness.

Lucid  Fragments is a deliberate attempt to narrate the past. Certainly not in  factual or chronological order, but in a mixture of tiny memorable moments about his own family, the people he grew up with, and the place  he calls home. By dissecting and recollecting his childhood memories,  even in scattered, tiny fragments, Roby channels his vulnerabilities in  symbolic details, through pop-surrealistic compositions that resemble the familiar and the strange.

This is a celebration of complex emotions that  stand out and moments that become more valuable only as he gets older –  sentimental attachments evoked by the passing of time. With a lifetime  of assorted positive, negative, and even neutral memories to draw from,  the works included in this exhibition become an allegory of life itself:  an accumulation of the past and a pursuit of the unexpected future.


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