Born in Bandung, Indonesia, 1993

Bandung-based Addy Debil (b.1993) is widely known as a street artist, where his signature characters can often be seen in the doodles and murals he made on the city walls. With his uniquely approachable visual style, he fluidly navigates through various art scenes, while constantly pursuing the exploration of mediums.

His works mainly depict a utopian, cheerful imagery of the world with rich figures and characters, presenting the very essence of freedom that can only be found in children’s imagination or a dream. He feels that the visual portrayal of childlike drawings will further signify the vision of harmony and purity, quite like how children see the world.


Solo Exhibitions : 2021 : Eyes Shut Fantasia, Kohesi Initiatives | 2019 : HAPPY, Solo exhibition with Rachel Gallery, RuangDuaSembilan, Jakarta | 2018 : Straight Outta Hometown, Mini solo exhibition with UNIQLO, Bandung.

Group Exhibitions : 2020 : ASYAAF, Hidden Artists Festival, Seoul, South Korea | Darucan Custom Show, Museum Of Toys, Jakarta | Pameran Dari Rumah, virtual group exhibition from Kemenparekraf | 2019 : All The Small Things, CANS Gallery, Jakarta | Monster Day 4, group exhibition, The Mogus Colony, Yogyakarta | ART JAKARTA 2019, with Rachel Gallery, Jakarta | 2018 : semblans exhibition with Rega Rahman De’Braga by Artotel, Bandung | ART JAKARTA 2018, Rachel Gallery, Jakarta | Forever Toys, with Arttoygama, Okendo Culturel Centre, Spain | 2017 : Tell Tale Exhibition, Jakarta | Urban Toy Stage 2017, Jakarta | Sole Society, Bandung | Littlevilsion custom toys, Bandung | SOTOY Showcase, Widely Project, Bandung.