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Andre Yoga



Born in Bali, 1994

Andre Yoga (b.1994, Denpasar) observes his everyday life, both the mundane and extraordinary, as inspirations, then translates them into his works, depicting social issues, culture, and current events. Since the beginning of his career in 2013, Andre Yoga has developed his own artistic style. In his early career in drawing, he used highly detailed techniques such as dot works and pointillism. In 2019, Andre started incorporating collages into his paintings. Andre’s works are also mixed elements and imageries that do not usually go together, adding a touch of his Balinese influence.

Andre has had a solo exhibition, JANGGAL // ODDITY, Uma Seminyak, Bali (2019), he has also participated in group exhibitions including Art Moments Jakarta with CG Artspace (2021), Identitas Yang Hidup, Museum dan Tanah Liat, Yogyakarta (2021) and Urup, Uma Seminyak, Bali (2022).


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